Corporate Strategy

79. The Posi-pod! Topicpalooza! Featuring Alex Restrepo

May 23, 2023 Season 3 Episode 17
Corporate Strategy
79. The Posi-pod! Topicpalooza! Featuring Alex Restrepo
Corporate Strategy Capitalism Edition
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Show Notes

This episode is MASSIVE! Alex helps us put a positive spin on the most burning corporate questions directly from the discord, including:

  • Will families ever be able to own a house on a single salary again?
  •  How many improvements to the corporate world can come down to affecting change from within as opposed to forcing better practices from outside, such as via government regulation? 
  •  Is Elon Musk the Antichrist?
  • Is CYA culture a necessary evil, or is it just evil
  • my Q - what is the point of all of this, not the podcast or Alex, but the point of corporate structure
  • Corpo “workplace surveys”: anonymous or not? Blatant candor or tell em what they want to hear?
  • why does/should pay exponentially grow past the VP+/CxO levels?
  • Is HR, as a business area, impenetrably opaque or does it suffer from decades of terrible comms execution?
  • What’s an indicator that you’re yelling into the void? Or is everything the void?
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